Lykster (App)

"See what your friends like!"

Connect with friends and share e.g. your favorite series.

Stats-my-game (Web)

"Get statistics about your gameplay."

Play a game and generate nice reports automatically.

Valheim® Mods

Dryzler's Sort Everything Into Chests

"Store items from your inventory “automatically” in chests."

Press G to sort everything in your inventory into nearby chests.

Dryzler's Mass Pickup

"Pickup items in a range."

Press LeftALt + E to pickup items in a range (especially vegetables).

Dryzler's Cut Down Trees Faster

"With this mod, getting wood will be easy." :)

Cut down trees and smash them with 1 hit each.

Dryzler's More Ingots

"Get more ingots when smelting."

Forges output an ingot more for each player connected, or a fixed amount per ingot.

The Elder Scrolls Online® Addons

Dryzler's Better Rezzing

"Never again get wiped out because you are blind!"

Shows a pointer that heads to the direction, where a groupmate waits for resurrection.

Dryzler's Taunt Helper

"Helps tanks to taunt."

Shows a red helper in the center, if the current target is not taunted.

Dryzler's Reticle

"Minimalistic not floating cool reticle replacement."

Choose your wish reticle: dot, circle, square, or cross. Resize your wish reticle.

Dryzler's Inventory

"Helps to categorize items in your inventory 'on the fly'."

Shows unknown recipes/styles or needed traits (over all chars). 1-Click sell or deconstruct.

7 Days to Die® Mods

Dryzler's Guaranteed Eggs

"100% chance of getting an egg!"

Each bird's nest is guaranteed to contain at least 1 egg.

Sons of the Forest® Mods

Dryzler's Healing Over Time

"Also annoyed that you don't heal yourself automatically?"

Heals you over time in relation to your fullness stat.